An Open Letter To Calvinists.

Dear Calvinists,


I know you mean well.  Or, at the very least, are sure you’re right.


But I refuse to engage in fruitless discussion.  I refuse to dispute the meanings of words that only cause divisions.  I won’t play scripture math with you – subtracting this, multiplying that.


I won’t argue about who God does or doesn’t call, who Jesus does or doesn’t save.


That’s not the commission I was given.


So, dear Calvinists, while I won’t agree to disagree – too much is at stake for that – I will agree to not disagree.


Because we both have better things to do, better love to share, better news to spread.





  1. I am loving these posts lately! I truly feel the same way about God and Jesus. I know that I love them, I am called to love others, and I am supposed to follow what God tells me to do. Beyond that, what do I know?
    Kayla G. recently posted..See Your Impact (And Other Donations)My Profile

  2. Short.
    Simply Jessica.

    Nicely done.
    You can agree to NOT disagree……..again.


  3. Good one. And really, so many denominations can be substituted for Calvinists. Like, pretty much EVERY denominations…
    Danielle recently posted..My kid’s a genius. And so is yours.My Profile

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