That Jamberry Nail Wrap Thang


Okay, okay – it’s quite possible that you’ve been hearing about Jamberry Nail Wraps this summer. And if you’re like me, you’ve been ignoring all the hype. Because you’re just too hip for that Facebook event invite.


But then maybe you have a friend that becomes a consultant and asks you to host a party. And because you’re a good person, you agree. And within 48 hours you’re all OMG ALL THE JAMBERRY DESIGNS.


Jamberry Nail WrapsThese are my nails one week after applying a Jamberry Sample and painting my remaining nails. It’s very Lisa Frank. Obviously, the polish is chipping. And I didn’t even do a very good job applying the Jamberry wrap. I totally ghetto applied it. But even when the edges of the wrap started to unglue, I could just smooth it back down and go about my business. No visible chipping.

There are tons of tutorials out there about tips and tricks when applying Jamberry wraps so Google it. One of the most important aspects is cleaning your nails really well first with dish soap and/or rubbing alcohol to remove all oils from the nail beds.


Jamberry Nail WrapsDid I mention that if you buy 3 you get 1 free? Did I mention that wraps on fingernails last for up to 2 weeks and on toes up to 6 weeks? Did I mention that one sheet of Jamberry Nail Wraps is the equivalent of two manicures, two pedicures, and then some? Did I mention that you’re basically getting manis and pedis for less than $4 and they’re WAY cuter?


Yeah. Those things.



Jamberry Nail Wraps

Also, there are Jamberry Juniors with adorb designs for little hands.  The bottom of this picture is a sheet of Jamberry Juniors and the top is a regular sized sheet.


If you have short nail beds, you may get more bang for your buck with Juniors. My 13 year old inherited her dad’s little fingernails so she could totally rock Juniors. I even ordered a sheet of Juniors for myself.


Because monsters.


Jamberry Juniors Monsters

So if you’d like to order some wraps for yourself you need to do it ASAP. My Online Party ends tonight at midnight. So get lost in all the designs and party like it’s 1999. There are sooooo many awesome designs. Visit my consultant’s website to order: And during check out choose “Jessica Bowman’s Party” from the drop down list.

Jamberry Nail Wraps


If you’re interested in becoming a consultant yourself and earning some green, email Bethany at


P.S. My BFF and I split the cost and did the buy three get one free. We’ll cut the sheets in half and end up with 4 designs for half the price of three. Boom.


Because how could I resist this newspaper design? Or this vintage deco? Or this shake your tail feather?


It all becomes very Little Mermaid. Littler Mermaid Jamberry Nail Wraps


So hurry up and order, the party ends tonight!


Do it. Like yesterday.



P.S. One more graphic for you. Because math.

Jamberry Nail Wraps




Forbidden Island


So you need to buy the board game Forbidden Island. If you’re into that sort of thing.

We’ve flirted with being board gamers over the years but it comes and goes depending on the company we keep. Recently when we were in North Carolina for training we played this game with some new friends and decided that it was worth investing in.

Here’s why I think this game is brilliant, especially for our three little boys – there’s no competition. You’re on a sinking island and all the players have to work together to find all of the treasure and flee the island.

Forbidden Island Board Game

Your turn isn’t about you. Your turn is how you can help the team and help the mission. And you don’t make your decisions alone, the other players help you best decide how to execute your turn. It’s extremely collaborate and involves a lot of strategy and critical thinking.


Forbidden Island Board Game


It’s SUCH a nice break from the competitive games that most of us are used to. I highly recommend it.


It takes 2 to 4 players and the box says 10 years old and up but I disagree. The family that introduced it to us had a five year old that could play it in his sleep. And after playing it once with our three boys (ages 10, 8, and 6) they were able to play on their own. It’s really easy to pick up and, again, SUCH a nice exercise in cooperation.


Oh, and no one paid me to say any of this – it’s not a professional review. I just really wanted y’all to know about it. I did use affiliate links though. Because that’s just good sense. :)


Forbidden Island. Check it.




Bounce House Rap


  You guys, I cannot explain to you how much this has been my summer jam. White boys rapping about a Bounce Houses? Yes please. Every single time me and my best friend are in the car it’s a must play. My children request it and sing along. It’s a magical thing, I tell you. […]

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Cape San Blas

Cape San Blas

  Cape San Blas, you guys.   Earlier in the year I decided that I WOULD visit The Gulf Of Mexico before we jetted off into the South Asian sunset. Despite being born and raised mere hours from the gulf, I had never been.   So back in August when I was trying to process […]

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My Six Year Old is Slightly Afraid of The Plague


  So the Six-Year-Old is slightly concerned about the plague. You know, The Black Death? Thanks, Wikipedia. He read the whole article a few months ago. Ever since then, we get to have conversations like this: Husband: We need to go inside, the mosquitoes are coming out. Six-Year-Old: Wait–they suck blood right? Can’t that spread […]

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The Okefenokee Swamp Park

The Okefenokee Swamp Park

  Yesterday we decided to take a spontaneous picnic to the Okefenokee Swamp Park entrance. The Park itself is pretty darn neat, but it costs roughly an arm and a leg to get in, especially if you want to do the good stuff (read: boat tour). But there are a couple of gardens and outer […]

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I Sorta Vlogged

  The MOB Society (Mother Of Boys) are doing fun “Meet the team” videos this month and I FINALLY got off my internet tushie and submitted one. The video quality isn’t great (you’re welcome) but if you want to catch a hint of my accent and also a bit of legos-on-the-floor-keeping-it-real then click the link […]

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Mountains and Valleys


We’ve just spent four weeks attending a training program related to our future in South Asia. I’ve been wanting to write about it but have found myself out of words, unsure where to start. It’s all emotionally stretching stuff, intended to help prepare us for the struggles that will present themselves overseas. Counting the cost, […]

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Grieving Goodbyes


  I’m over at A Deeper Story today talking about an emotional breakdown I had last month. Sort of. :) If you’d like to read it click on the link below.   Grieving Goodbyes   Jessica

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His Hands Find Me


I’m over at A Deeper Story today spinning a tale of beauty laced with trauma. Click on the link below to check it out. His Hands Find Me Jessica

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