Moms, Get In The Water


Recently Jessica Turner‘s post “Moms, Put on That Swimsuit” has been making waves (heh) in the mommy blog arena.

While I 100% agree with her sentiment, I totes reject her ultimatum. She starts her plea with these ill-fitting choices:

“You’ve got two choices every summer — to put on a swimsuit or to skip it.”

Pardon my french, but screw that. I refuse to wear a bathing suit. REFUSE. I haven’t owned a bathing suit in years, the premise being if I don’t own one, no one can make me wear it.

However, I don’t let that stop me from getting in the water, with engaging in my children’s summer and infiltrating their pool and ocean memories. I have a blast in the water you guys. And I love swimming with my babies.

Moms, get in the water.

But you know what I wear? Pretty much this and this. Spandexy running pants (hey, it’s bathing suit material. sort of. right?) and an exercise tank top.

I don’t care if I look like a fat, modest freak. Really. I don’t. Not nearly as much as I’d care if I were essentially wearing underwear in front of strangers. SO MUCH NO. My self-esteem rejects that reality.

These spider veins and cellulite are for behind close doors only. Deal.

The important part is that I don’t sit on the sidelines. So wear a bathing suit. Or don’t.

But get in, y’all. It’s worth it.



The Attitude of Adventure


I have become obsessed with the beach.

Okay, that may be a touch dramatic. Let’s say that I have finally, at the age of 31, developed a healthy zeal for the beach. I used to say I didn’t like the inconvenience of family beach days very much. Because sand. Amirite?

I don’t know what changed. Maybe it’s because my kids are older now and there’s very little chance of the day including a craptastrophe. (Swim diapers. Ugh.) Maybe it’s because I’m older and yearn for more unplugged, family fun. A very serious factor is that my BFF has always been beach crazed and it’s finally rubbed off on me a bit.



So this last summer that we spend in the states I have made it my personal mission to go to the beach as often as possible. I demand this summer to be magical, to be meaningful. So at least once a week we pile coolers and umbrellas, buckets and PB&Js into that beautiful Durango we’ve used and abused and we make the hour’s drive to the coast.

Such was the case yesterday. One of our most spontaneous trips yet, I obnoxiously texted the BFF until she was good and awake and then we packed up and headed out.

Then, nearly two hours later, after we had finally found a place to park and finally found a space of sand for ourselves and finally set up the two umbrellas and one kid tent and finally put sunscreen on everybody . . . the lifeguards started running.

Oh you know, just your typical southern summer storm rolling in. Cue scary winds and excessive lightening.

So as soon as we were set up, we were tearing down. Racing back to the car with nothing to show for all our efforts and dreams of one more beach day stamped on the calendar of our BEST SUMMER EVER.

The worst of the storm passed quickly but returning to the beach wasn’t a viable option. So after driving around the island a bit we settled on spending the rest of the afternoon at the playground before heading to our favorite restaurant.

“It’s okay! We’re having an adventure!” I kept insisting.

Although, really, we were all disappointed. It wasn’t the day we had planned. It wasn’t the day we wanted. But we were together and we did our best to claim our own personal hashtag #dayredeemed.

More than ever I realize how important it is for us to embrace this attitude. So much change is just around the bend. Life-altering, cross-cultural, expect-the-unexpected kind of change. Rolling with the punches will be necessary for happiness and sanity’s sake. Attitude

Plans change. Storms come.

But it’s okay. We’re having an adventure.



Redefining Success

If you're progressing, you're succeeding at life.

  At our small group recently we watched the Louie Giglio video How Great is our God. I’m usually pretty critical of most sermons or glorified motivational speeches. But I did enjoy my perspective of the universe getting stretched by this one.   I’ve fallen into the very human trap of making God too small. […]

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No One Feels Brave

Brave isn't a feeling.

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When the Best Advice is Boring

  I’m over at The MOB Society today giving out some really unsexy advice. You’re welcome.   If you’d like to read it click on the link below.   My boring, unsexy advice.   Jessica

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So Close

South Asia

  This thing. This thing that we’ve worked towards for years and years and years . . . it feels so close all of a sudden.   A handful of months away, colors, curries, customs.   Everyday a new emotion. I ride the roller coaster of inner preparation from one extreme to the next. Excited. […]

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The Shoes

Indian Shoes

    I. When we were still babes he placed the shoes before us. Grateful but ignorant we tucked them in a closet. On hands and knees we continued to crawl. Babes. Nursing.   II. One day we discovered a growing strength in our limbs. We stretched this awareness, flexing, intrigued, And stood upright like […]

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Grace Is An Ocean


  That thing where a metaphor presents itself so endless and perfect that you run with it.   I’m over at A Deeper Story today talking about faith and grace and church and . . . oceans. Click the link below to read it.   Grace Is An Ocean   Jessica

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What Fundraising Feels Like


  We’ve been doing “partnership development” for our assignment to South Asia for a good six months now. (What people in olden days called “raising support”).   In some ways it’s gotten easier. We understand a lot more about our job, our timeline, and our organization – and that makes it easier to communicate well. […]

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What It’s Like To Live With Kids

Life with kids

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to live with kids, just follow these twelve easy steps: 1. Take the toilet paper roll off. Put an empty one on. 2. Invite someone else to poop in your bathroom. Leave the fan off. Occasionally leave the door open as well. 3. Do not flush. 4. Repeat […]

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