I Sorta Vlogged


The MOB Society (Mother Of Boys) are doing fun “Meet the team” videos this month and I FINALLY got off my internet tushie and submitted one. The video quality isn’t great (you’re welcome) but if you want to catch a hint of my accent and also a bit of legos-on-the-floor-keeping-it-real then click the link below and check it out.


Meet the Team – Jessica Bowman

Mountains and Valleys

We’ve just spent four weeks attending a training program related to our future in South Asia. I’ve been wanting to write about it but have found myself out of words, unsure where to start. It’s all emotionally stretching stuff, intended to help prepare us for the struggles that will present themselves overseas.

Counting the cost, transition issues, cross-cultural differences – stuff that wears at the thin places in your soul.

All important things to think about, of course. It would be much more dangerous to step on the plane blindly optimistic and ignorant.

The problem is – examining these issues, looking the future in the face, can dribble and drop the hope and excitement from your calling until your glass feels half empty.

“This is going to be hard and painful, we’re going to screw up our kids, we’re going to ruin our marriage . . .”

. . . and the list goes on.

We’ve had more than a dozen life stories from people who have worked overseas. Many trials, struggles, buckets full of burn out. But what I’m trying to glean from these stories, what I’m trying to remember, is that a story isn’t made of only negatives.

Even the people that had the most hardships on the field have come away with an impossibly deep connection to the foreign places they call home. They have made intimate friendships, made priceless memories, done good work.

We know our time in South Asia will have its valleys. But we’re trusting that the view from the mountains will be amazing.


Grieving Goodbyes


  I’m over at A Deeper Story today talking about an emotional breakdown I had last month. Sort of. :) If you’d like to read it click on the link below.   Grieving Goodbyes   Jessica

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His Hands Find Me


I’m over at A Deeper Story today spinning a tale of beauty laced with trauma. Click on the link below to check it out. His Hands Find Me Jessica

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The Weight of Lies


  Long passed is the power and presence of a child-like faith.   Bad answers to big questions left me choking on the meat, immune to the mystery.   I have feared and fled a fickle faith.   Doggy paddled – unwilling to dive, avoiding the deep.   My prayers and petitions peter out, disassociate […]

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Burnin’ ring of fire


  I’m over at A Deeper Story today being all poetical about rings and stuff. Click on the link below if you want to check it out.   Burnin Ring Of Fire   Jessica

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Moms, Get In The Water

Moms, get in the water.

  Recently Jessica Turner‘s post “Moms, Put on That Swimsuit” has been making waves (heh) in the mommy blog arena. While I 100% agree with her sentiment, I totes reject her ultimatum. She starts her plea with these ill-fitting choices: “You’ve got two choices every summer — to put on a swimsuit or to skip […]

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The Attitude of Adventure


  I have become obsessed with the beach. Okay, that may be a touch dramatic. Let’s say that I have finally, at the age of 31, developed a healthy zeal for the beach. I used to say I didn’t like the inconvenience of family beach days very much. Because sand. Amirite? I don’t know what […]

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Redefining Success

If you're progressing, you're succeeding at life.

  At our small group recently we watched the Louie Giglio video How Great is our God. I’m usually pretty critical of most sermons or glorified motivational speeches. But I did enjoy my perspective of the universe getting stretched by this one.   I’ve fallen into the very human trap of making God too small. […]

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No One Feels Brave

Brave isn't a feeling.

  I’m over at A Deeper Story today spinning a tale of bravery. Click the link below to check it out.   Feelings can be liars.   Jessica

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