Mundane Mondays – One Day 2015

It’s been a few years since I participated in Hollywood Housewife’s “One Day” event. When I saw my Instagram feed filling up with #onedayHH posts I caught the bug and decided to document one day of my life, too. But instead of posting it on The Gram, I decided I’d put it here, seeing as how I’m trying to revive this dead horse. So for this week’s Mundane Mondays post I took some particularly crappy pictures of my day for you. You’re welcome. Without further ado:


I rolled out of bed at a lazy 8:30. Don’t hate. I then had a meeting with Mr. Bucket.


I had some coffee and checked  some internet whilst chilling with this lady (WHO IS GOING TO BE 15 THIS WEEK).


I washed some fruits and veg, because that’s a thing we do.


And then tried to expedite the thawing of frozen chicken, because some things never change.


Made my bed. You know you’re crushing hard on my sweet tiger blanket.


Then tried to get a little work done.


Some subzi boys showed up and I bought a new kind of vegetable, at my Ayah’s insisting. They call it Loki. Apparently it’s a bottle gourd.


I asked my Ayah to make burritos for lunch. Then I decided we needed cilantro. What is even the point of a burrito without cilantro? So I took the boys with me to head down the hill to find cilantro at one of the nearby produce stands. Also, check me out in my new winter suit.


Found it at the second stand. Whole trip took us maybe a mile round trip.


Then we had some ballin’ chicken burritos. On handmade tortillas. Have I mentioned how much I love our Ayah?


After lunch I did some studying.


Then I took my Ayah shopping for a new sari as a Diwali gift.


I wanted to run some other errands in the market and she decided to stick with me. We went to three different shoe stores before I found a pair I wanted.


Thanks to Diwali sales I scored these sweet mom shoes for only 3 bucks.


We went to the yarn store. I got some yarn for my advent calendar.


Btw, shopping is no joke here. I pretty much dig it, though. There’s no Walmart. Every store is specialized. You go to the paint store, the shoe store, the yarn store, the food store, the produce stand, etc etc. And in a town this small, it’s all done on foot. All told I walked about 4 miles on this day.


I had a short list of random things I needed. I ended up finding batteries at one tiny shop (not pictured). And then breaking down and going to one of the nicer electronic stores for my other needs. Power strips, HDMI cord, etc.

All shops open out onto the street.

All shops open out onto the street.

I also stopped at my favorite “grocery store” to dispute a small matter on my last bill. The picture below was actually taken on a different day. But whatevs.


On our way back my Ayah stopped beside the Hindu temple to buy marigolds for a Diwali related tradition.


By the time I got home it was time to feed people again. We went with leftovers; a common choice. And I got to use my new microwave for the first time. I felt like I was on a spaceship.


Also, can we just stop for a moment and ooh and aah at my new plates? Pretty things make me happy.


I still prefer to reheat my foods on the stove most of the time, though. Because microwaved chicken is nasty.


After dinner Jeremy and I walked around the property, looking for birds and watching the sunset. That view never gets old.


Then we played a game of Settlers of Catan with eleven year old.


After Catan we spent some time in the freezing dark, looking across the valley, watching random fireworks. It was the main night of Diwali so it sounded like we were in a war all night. Here’s a super crappy picture of house lights on the hillside.


While one of the Wild Things was playing Zelda or some such I sat down to ball some of my new yarn. A necessary evil when your yarn supply doesn’t come from Hobby Lobby.


Then I worked on my firsts attempts at Christmas trees for my advent calendar idea. Tweaked a pattern I found online to suit my needs. (Photo taken the next day in better lighting).


After the kids went to bed Jeremy and I suffered through one or two episodes of 24. We’re in season 2 and we pretty much hate it but our options are severally limited without online streaming. At least it’s fun to MST3K.


Aaaaaaand that’s it. Everyone has good and bad days. Clearly, this was a good day.

I share a lot of behind-the-scenes stuff like this on Snapchat, if you’d like to see more boring parts of my days. Username: Bohemianbowman


Mundane Mondays – Subzi Boys

Mundane Mondays – A new series where I chronicle a very mundane part of daily living that’s slightly (or widely) off center from the American paradigm.



Today we’re going to talk about vegetables – or subzi, as it’s called here. Where we live there are many subzi walas. Men with lovely vegetables stands dot the town. And the selection is generally pristine and local, muled up from surrounding farms.

If we chose to we could walk down and have our pick of fresh fruits and veg any day of the week.

But we don’t. Because news gets around when white people are staying on the hill. And not long after we got here subzi boys started showing up every weekend. We have three different groups of vegetables boys who come every Saturday and Sunday hocking their wares. They range in age from probably 10 to 15 and are usually alone carrying heavy makeshift backpacks made from rope and nylon bags.


That small metal thing with a hook up there on the step is a scale that they all carry with them so they can weigh the produce. Everything is sold by the kg, of varying prices.

vegetablesBy Sunday afternoon we’re set for the week.

In addition to in-season vegetables we keep apples and bananas stocked for hungry little  boys. Oranges have recently come into season so we’ve been eating lots of them. And by “we” I mean 3 little bottomless pit boys.

Beans (dal) are another thing always available from the subzi kids. Our bean consumption has increased by roughly 400% since we got here.

There are SO MANY kinds of beans here. Our pantry is insane.


I never knew beans could be so delicious. I am going to miss Indian spices one day. I mean, I was never a bean hater, but good lord, Indians can work a lentil. Even Jeremy, who has had a life-long aversion to beans, eats them happily now.

raw honeyIn addition to fruits, veg, and beans, the subzi boys are forever wanting to sell us raw honey straight from the village. I’ve long heard of the benefits of local, raw honey so I was pretty excited to see it appear on my front steps.

Look how pretty!

And not all honey is created equally, my friend. I ended up with one batch that had quite a few bees entombed in the golden sludge.

And last but not least, let’s talk paneer.

I know this post was supposed to be about subzi but I reckon it’s more about subzi boys and all the wonderful things they bring straight to my door.

If you like Indian food, you’re probably already familiar with paneer.


It’s great cubed, battered in chickpea flour, and fried (paneer pakora). Or it’s good sauteed up with peas in some kind of delicious sauce.


I used to buy it in frozen packages from the store but now the subzi boys keep me in fresh paneer from the village. It’s really hard to compare to an American cheese. It doesn’t melt. My boys call it “squeaky cheese”. It’s kind of like one solid mass of cottage cheese.

So that’s about it. We love the convenience of the subzi boys. Though when our bell is rung for the umpteenth time during the weekend I give them the side-eye of the heart.

Until next Monday.



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