Homemade Picture Ornaments


I have the Christmas spirit this year, you guys. Maybe it’s because we’re in our old house this Christmas. Maybe it’s because this will be our last stateside Christmas for a few years. Maybe it’s because these dang children WON’T STOP GROWING.




Whatever the case, I am doing some extra cherishing this year. Realistically we only have a few more years left with fourteen-year-old. Don’t even get me started, just pass the tissues.


Porcelain picture ornaments


So as we were setting up the tree (well before Thanksgiving) I oohed and ahhed over the few ornaments with pictures on them.  I mean, is there anything better than a cheesy, construction paper, picture frame ornament? And I realized that the last pictures on the tree were from at least five years ago.


I used to do a picture frame ornament every year to give to friends and family but pretty much quit when we moved back to a town without a Michael’s or a Hobby Lobby. Excuses, excuses.


One year I even ordered fancy porcelains ornaments to send to the Hubs who was off in a desert for Christmas.


But I digress.


This year I decided we needed new pictures on our tree. Because five years from now I’m going to want to remember Christmas 2014. So I forced those beautiful children of mine into the backyard so I could snap a few pictures of them and then I hot glued some Dollar Tree craft sticks together with a bit of Dollar Tree ribbon. Because memories don’t have to be expensive.


Popsicle Stick Picture ornaments

Bada bing, bada Christmas. Picture ornaments!

I was feeling pretty proud of myself until I jumped the gun on the New Year a little. Oh well. Nothing’s perfect. :)


homemade picture ornaments

I even whipped up a little collage to print up and stick in a few Christmas cards.



I just love my little dirty blondes.


Have you done anything crafty this year?



DIY Homemade Sugar Scrub

Homemade Sugar Scrub


I’ve already told you about the homemade cookie butter that we made to give as Christmas gifts in a jar. But I have to admit that it’s not the crunchiest of Christmas gifts. Do people still say crunchy?


So for the people in my life who are a tad more holistic I decided to do an alternative jar gift. Because, ya know, some of us try to stay away from the glutens and the sugars and stuff.


Pretty much my only rules for DIY is fast and easy. Which brings me to my next Christmas gift in a jar:


Homemade Sugar Scrub


How to make homemade sugar scrub


This literally takes minutes to make. We used a ratio of one part coconut oil and one part sugar.  Mix in food processor until . . . mixed.  Then we transferred it to a non-plastic bowl if we were going to add essential oils. Didn’t want my Cuisinart to smell like lavender until the end of time.


For two cups of scrub we added 20-25 drops of lavender essential oil. You can’t really mess this up though, we added until we liked how strongly it smelled. We also added dried rosemary to the lavender scrub. It’s absolutely heavenly. Does anything in the world sound better than lavender rosemary sugar scrub?


We also added equal parts coffee to make a coffee sugar scrub.


And in our most ambitious concoction we added several tea bags of orange spice black tea, vanilla extract, and extra cinnamon. And vanilla orange spice sugar scrub was born.


The rosemary lavender scrub is still my favorite though. I stole one of those for myself.


I’ve been wanting to make homemade sugar scrub for the longest time but had never gone through with it. It was so easy now I feel silly for having never tried.


Not only is this gift easy it’s pretty darn cheap. We used a nice quality of unrefined organic coconut oil and still these came out less than a dollar each, not counting the jars.




Are you doing any jar gifts this Christmas?



DIY Homemade Cookie Butter Recipe

cookie butter recipe

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March (Maybe) Madness


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Coffee Filter Snowflakes

popcicle stick snowflakes

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That Time We Went to Legoland

Legoland Florida

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coffee filter wreath

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Jamberry Nail Wraps

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