How to Make Aloo Ki Tikki Burger Recipe

If you’re looking for an authentic aloo tikki recipe, this is it. My Indian house helper taught me how to make aloo tikki and it’s easier than you might think. Never again pine for your favorite Indian street food!


Aloo Tikki (Potato Burger)


Aloo tikki or aloo ki tikki is a simple mashed potato patty that has been fried. It’s often eaten in sandwich form in India and called aloo tikki burger. In fact, if you see a sign on a small shop that says “burgers available here”, they doubtless mean this popular potato burger.


Aloo Tikki Burger Recipe



  • Potatoes, boiled and mashed
  • salt
  • flour
  • eggs
  • oil for frying


That’s it! I told you it was simple.


First, boil and peel your potatoes. Or the other way around.


How to Make Aloo Ki Tikki Burger Recipe


Now give them a good old fashioned mashin’.


How to Make Aloo Ki Tikki Burger Recipe



Add some flour. Maybe half a cup? Who can say. True Indian cooks don’t measure.


How to Make Aloo Ki Tikki Burger Recipe


Also a healthy dose of salt. Here’s the part where you can season to your taste. Feel free to add garlic, onions, cilantro – what ever suits your fancy.


How to Make Aloo Ki Tikki Burger Recipe


Add two eggs.


How to Make Aloo Ki Tikki Burger Recipe


Now get your hands dirty and mix everything together.


How to Make Aloo Ki Tikki Burger Recipe




How to Make Aloo Ki Tikki Burger Recipe


Now, hopefully you’ve been heating some oil in a frying pan. With wet hands, hand-shape an aloo tikki burger and place in the hot oil.


How to Make Aloo Ki Tikki Burger Recipe


Rinse, lather, repeat.


How to Make Aloo Ki Tikki Burger Recipe


After a few minutes, give’em a turn.


How to Make Aloo Ki Tikki Burger Recipe


Voila! You’re done.


How to make aloo ki tikki burger recipe.


Aloo tikki is really just a fancy Hindi way of saying fried mashed potatoes. :) Which, clearly, is something you need in your life.


If you visit India you’ll find aloo tikki sold all over the place and they’re most commonly eaten in burger form or with various chutneys. They’re super cheap and quite tasty. Make sure you try some if you’re traveling in India.


How to Make Aloo Ki Tikki Burger Recipe

An Indian snacks vendor cooks aloo-tikki (fried potato cakes) at a roadside shop in New Delhi on October 22, 2014. AFP PHOTO / PRAKASH SINGH (Photo credit should read PRAKASH SINGH/AFP/Getty Images)


Have you ever eaten aloo tikki?




How to Make Aloo Ki Tikki Burger Recipe   How to Make Aloo Ki Tikki Burger Recipe

Best St Augustine Bed and Breakfast – 44 Spanish St

Bed and Breakfasts in St. Augustine are a dime or dozen but, after much research, trial and error, I have found the the best St Augustine Bed and Breakfast.


I love St. Augustine. St. Augustine and Savannah are my two favorite cities in the South, maybe in America. Beaches, southern hospitality, and history are a trifecta of awesome that make these places worth the visit.


Best St Augustine Bed and Breakfast  - 44 Spanish St


I have, literally, spent hours of my life searching for places to stay in St. Augustine. We’ve spent Spring Break there with the fam, hopped down for a quick weekend with the kiddos, and spent our 10 and 15 year anniversaries in the nation’s oldest city. So, I know a thing or two about accommodations in the St. Augustine.


Two things are important to me when I choose a place to stay in St. Augustine :


  • Price (obviously)

  • Location


Sure, you can find a much cheaper place the further you wander away from the downtown area but I’m not about that game. If I go to St. Augustine, I want to be conveniently embedded in the historic district so that I can spend my holiday on foot or on trolley. And on that note, my new favorite B & B.


Best St Augustine Bed and Breakfast – 44 Spanish St Inn


Best St Augustine Bed and Breakfast - 44 Spanish St


We visited 44 Spanish St Inn for our 15th wedding anniversary and I will never visit another B&B in St. Augustine. It put the one we stayed in for our 10th anniversary to shame. And it could NOT be more conveniently located.


There are two things I look for in a Bed and Breakfast:


  • Private Entry

  • Jacuzzi (cough cough)


We chose the Rose Room because it had a private entry.


Best St Augustine Bed and Breakfast - 44 Spanish St


Frankly, if I’m going to dole out the bucks for a B & B I don’t want to feel like I’m in a hotel or a hostel. I prefer the relative freedom and privacy that a ground floor, private entrance provides.


Did I mention that the Rose Room also has a very spacious and lovely bathroom? MOVING ON.


Best St Augustine Bed and Breakfast - 44 Spanish St



The decor at 44 Spanish St is delightfully modern and not kitschy at all – which is another thing you’ll find loads of when you’re scouring the internet for B&Bs in St Augustine. No flowery wall paper here, people.


There’s a lovely side patio where you can lounge during the day or dine during breakfast, as well as a separate dining building in the rear. It has all that old world, Florida charm that you hope for when visiting St. Augustine.


Best St Augustine Bed and Breakfast - 44 Spanish St



There’s also front porch sitting and a second story balcony, which we took advantage of in the evenings.


Best St Augustine Bed and Breakfast - 44 Spanish St

Listening to the music from downtown while enjoying a glass of wine on the second floor balcony.


The breakfasts were fantastic, though I didn’t take any pictures. Sorry!


And the owners were so friendly and down to earth. One evening we both came out to enjoy our respective sides of the porch at the same time and they were very open and fun to chat with. They really seem to love and enjoy the hospitality industry.  They didn’t pay me to say any of this, btw! I’m just a happy customer.


Check out 44 Spanish St Inn online for availability and rates.


When to go


Weekends and holidays are substantially more expensive so consider booking a room during the week. The Rose Room where we stayed is $165 a night Monday – Thursday and $259 Friday – Sunday and holidays. So it makes a big difference!


If you’re looking for a romantic get away in St. Augustine this summer, I highly recommend 44 Spanish St Inn.


TIP: Always check Groupon deals in St. Augustine before heading to the Old City. You never know what you’ll find!




Best St Augustine Bed and Breakfast - 44 Spanish St Inn  Best St Augustine Bed and Breakfast - 44 Spanish St Inn

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